Monday, June 14, 2010

Object of Affection: Transportation Quilt

submitted by: Andrea Fuderer

This past year has been a complete whirlwind.  I became a mom for the first time, quit my job as a teacher, and started my own business. I literally feel from time to time that I can’t do it all.  Giving bottles, filling orders, hunting down supplies, cooking meals…it is a lot to handle!  What these past few months have done is rekindle my love for sewing and creating.  In the craziness of it all, I love it when something wonderful and beautiful just stops me in my tracks. My need for a creative outlet has been fulfilled through my little Etsy store, .

My husband’s grandmother was a seamstress.  He would always tell me stories of how she would sew him clothes, blankets, and lots of little toys.  I found the quilt in a box, which had been passed down to us for our son.  When I opened the box and saw the transportation quilt, I was amazed.  Each square is a different method of transportation, and is beautifully appliquéd. I am not a quilter, but I know this amazing quilt must have taken so much time and love, something a grandmother made for her grandson. It is perfect for a little boy…perfect.

 I plan to put this quilt on the wall in my son’s playroom.  I hope that when I look at it I can understand the hours and hours of love and talent she poured into this quilt, reminding me to slow down, and be thankful that I also have the potential to create something beautiful. I am excited that it now belongs to my son and I hope he will treasure this quilt made by his great-grandmother for years to come.


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