Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Mint Museum FirstFriday

CrownTown Handmade member Rachel Taliaferro will lead, along with other members , the DIY workshop at the The Mint Museum First Friday on Nov. 5th.
If you came to the Make Out hosted  by Rachel in August, you know how awesome this will be! If you missed it, now is the time to play catch-up in a really cool setting and check out the new Mint Museum! So, stop by between 6 and 9 to make a Calder inspired mobile with us!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Head down to the Winchester....

Bored with life? Ever wonder how the walking dead experience the day to day? Time to get into their disgusting shoes for one night...the night of the living dead! Join the legion of the dead (aka the Crown Town Handmade crew) for one evening of horror and transformation.

Vanessa and guest host Brittany will show you how to apply frighteningly convincing Zombie make-up, what details to add to really appear undead, and how to make a delicious concoction of dripping blood to finish your appearance. 

Join us after as Plaza Midwood experiences an invasion of the not quite dead. We will be reverse trick or treating and spreading the word about Crown Town Handmade. Be sure to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting blood all over and bring a mirror and towel. Check the supply list for other Zombie necessities.

CHEAP makeup (Wal-Mart/Target Halloween palates are perfect)
Suggested colors: grey, green, black, brown, yellow, purple & (most importantly)White
Eyeliner: Black, blue, green
Lip liner: Red
Make up Sponges
Clothes that can get dirty because THEY WILL. The Make-Up (and blood) Will Stain!
Liquid latex
“nose putty”
baby powder
baby wipes
make up brushes, like these . Flat and powder brushes are the most useful. You can purchase basic brushes in any make up section of a store or check out Morris Costumes!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Events: Handmade Nation

Join AIGA Charlotte and Common Market SouthEnd on Tuesday, October 26 for an exclusive FREE screening of HANDMADE NATION, a documentary by director Faythe Levine, that follows the "rise of DIY art, craft, & design." CrownTown Handmade crafters will be there with some great handmade items to raffle off! Make sure you are there at 8 pm on the Common Market SouthEnd patio to watch the film and have your chance at some great prizes!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Successful Show...


Those of you who do this most weekends, hats off to you!

I am three weeks into a 4 weeks craft show/event extravaganza. People, last night I fell asleep by 8 pm. 8 pm! Not too long ago, that was lunch time.

When you do participate in several shows, you start building a community, people get talking and acting silly. Hopefully those pictures never see daylight! Anyway,  I have noticed how many times vendors ask each other "Are you having a good show? How many sales?" While money is important, c'mon we ARE selling our stuff at shows, there are other aspects that make a show successful to me.

If you've met my husband, you know he loves to talk. Perfect, since I am a bit shier.  What is often overlooked about this skill, and it is a skill, is how it builds contacts and friendships, especially a good reputation, and those often leads to advance event notice,  calls about product that hasn't hit the sales floor yet, consideration for consignment spots, and it goes on.  I think you are picking up what I'm throwin' down, right?  

Other vendors love what they do, too, so chatting with them is pretty educational. Whether they sell something you work with, or another product completely, it is interesting to hear their stories and why they do what they do. I have found out a ton of info about vintage jewelry just through chatting, info that would have taken forever looking through books and online sites.

So a successful show to me means more than just sales. Making friends with other vendors and customers, building contacts and inventory, learning more about what I love to do are all important aspects. Oh, and good food and no porta-potties. :)

What makes a show/showing successful for you?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Have You Seen These Crowns?

It seems a few of our Crowns have gone rogue. Have you seen them around town?

 Some of them are a bit more shy then others, but they don't bite.

If you find any of our missing Crowns, leave a comment! If you have a pic, even better!
Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shop Spotlight

 Submitted by: Jessica of Jessica's Jacket

This summer I took a day trip to Asheville, NC to attend The Big Crafty. Several friends and Crown Town Handmade members had booths and the list of artists in attendance was too good to resist taking a day trip.

Upon entering the Asheville Art Museum at Pack Place, I was immediately drawn to Lets Be Friend's booth. Each of her wonderful creations had a distinct personality and I couldn't resist taking my favorite home. Hank, the creature I adopted, is superbly made and I just knew that he would make the perfect addition to my home. As Let's Be Friend's motto states, "who says money cant buy friends?"

Whenever taking a day trip, I always feel guilty leaving my cat locked up while I go gallivanting around. Catzilla Crafts helped ease my guilty conscious though when I saw her adorable cat toys stuffed with super strong organic catnip. I picked out this "kitty-o" for my kitty, Roarie, and gave it to him upon returning home. Roarie is a Siamese snow tiger and loves fetching and had me throwing the toy for him for over an hour! The organic catnip in his kitty-o made him an instant fan and this toy is now one of his favorites. With such cute designs and wonderful craftsmanship, I highly recommend you do some shopping for your furry little friends at