Sunday, October 10, 2010

Have You Seen These Crowns?

It seems a few of our Crowns have gone rogue. Have you seen them around town?

 Some of them are a bit more shy then others, but they don't bite.

If you find any of our missing Crowns, leave a comment! If you have a pic, even better!
Happy Hunting!


  1. Shhhhhh. The librarians love their little light-weight crowns.

  2. I found one of these awesome little gals on my bike seat the other day!
    still making me smile, didn't know about taking the photo, but I'll get to it. BTW, I'm Sara Kelly Jones, owner Tighten Up Press, Plaza Midwood's
    neighborhood screen printer. Look for us on the almost done
    shirts to benefit VisArt video (I used to work there) Anybody ever needs
    stuff screen printed, drop a line and thanks again for the smiles!

  3. Sara, I will pass that along, and glad we could make you smile!