Monday, August 9, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Tricia Schepp

This month's Artist Interview is with CrownTown Handmade member Tricia Schepp, of CreativeLove. Tricia makes portable works of art that she calls 'cubicle couture', so if you sit in an office all day, you will especially appreciate these little rays of sunshine that brighten up even the grey-est of grey cubicles!

Don't have a place for magnets? Check out her glass necklaces, too.

She recently took a few minutes out of her schedule to answer some questions, so we could get to know her better!

CTHm: What inspired you to begin crafting? Were you always creative or did it come later?

I've always been creating something. I was involved in art club in high school where I fell in love with painting. My painting skills never went beyond high school level (haha) so I kept trying new projects. My elective courses in college were always art classes. I made my own cards for a while (I love receiving and sending cards the old snail-mail way!) and adore photography. I am interested in learning new skills and like to dabble in everything.

Your shop is full of cute magnets and 'cubicle couture'. Describe 'cubicle couture' and what was it about magnets that attracted you (heh)?

Cubicle Couture is a way to inspire the corporate worker to stay imaginative with a bit of sassy attitude. They are great at work to brighten up a boring space or cubicle and make great co-worker gifts. Each set is unique and themed and many of my orders are personalized sets for bridal parties or special events. I made my first set of magnets when I literally needed something to post takeout menus on the side of my fridge. I hadn't planned on making more than one set but as friends saw them, the custom orders and ideas started spilling in. I created several sets for friends and family and opened my Etsy shop in 2008. The process started with a lot of trial and error with products and supplies. As I got more into it, my supply purchasing, packaging and branding improved greatly.

CTHm: Like many crafters, you work a separate full time job. How do you make time to create?

My creative time has to just happen randomly. It is generally on my weeknights into the wee hours of the night. I'm definitely a night owl when it comes to creativity. When I have a craft show coming up, I kick it into gear and spend hours and hours creating to music (and perhaps a glass of red). Saturday mornings are also a good time for me to sit with my coffee and my little monster, Charlotte the cat.

CTHm: Tell us about your creative process.

I love to browse magazines and store catalogs for inspiration. I'm usually spread out across my kitchen counter and coffee table arranging images. I can't create in silence so I'm usually grooving to whatever station I find on the radio. Mornings are perfect for taking my product photos before the sun is in full force. I take frequent breaks to text friends and check email... the normal addictions :)

CTHm: Why is buying handmade important to you?

Handmade is so much more interesting! Each piece has a story... it was detailed by an artist who spent time to make it unique. I also enjoy that a lot of artists are upcycling old products to make something new. I have a contemporary/eclectic style which is perfect for buying things handmade.

I try to give gifts that are handmade items by other local artists. Non-typical gifts are always a surprise. With a bit of imagination, you can make something from nothing. I feel good purchasing from an artist -- it's a win-win situation.

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