Monday, September 6, 2010

Spreading the Joy of Jewelry

By: Donna Kirby intenyears.

When Rachel sent out an email to CrownTown Members, asking if anyone wanted to help her with a jewelry project involving Girl Scouts, I answered so fast my keyboard smoked. I was only a Girl Scout for a short while, but I firmly believe in doing whatever you can to empower young girls. On Aug 21, I was able to help Rachel Taliaferro of Rachel Taliaferro Art Jewelry as she taught some wonderful York County Girl Scouts the art of making jewelry to obtain their jewelry badges. We started off with some jewelry history, how to craft jewelry ourselves, materials (AKA, borrow Dad's tools), and how we can use vintage and found items in jewelry. Then, Rachel taught them how to make paper beads, and while we waited for the beads to dry enough to string, everyone decoupaged some jewelry boxes. Who doesn't love Mod Podge?!?

I know I can speak for Rachel in saying that we had a great time spending the morning with the girls, and moms. Thank you so much for letting us share our knowledge (and love!) of jewelry with you!

Here are a few pics.


Beads Drying

Et Voila! Art!

intenyears. display

Rachel Taliaferro Art Jewelry display


  1. Fun-fun!! I love making paper beads! They're so easy and satisfyingly simple. What a great thing to do with the girls. I love the jewelry box idea too. So proud of you ladies for doing this! YAY!

  2. What a great way to share a craft. I, too, was a Girl Scout for a short time and I would have loved a project like this! Kudos CTH!