Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shop & Tell : Blue Toad

submitted by: Trish Schepp, Creative Love

One of the best things about being an Etsy seller is scoping out the other artists' amazing projects! I can spend hours on Etsy just browsing and shopping, so buying handmade was my first choice for unique Christmas gifts last year.

I get excited about books, journals, writing and editing so when I found these, they were perfect for bookworm friends. I have purchased several journals from Blue Toad, and gave two of them away as gifts. Of course, I had to keep one for myself! Bound by hand, each journal consists of blank pages alternated with pages from road maps, or tear sheets. The outside is canvas painted with different original artwork, and now several of the journals have handmade stoneware closures.

I’m especially smitten with the “tree of free spirit” journal, as it features a tree on the cover. It’s so perfect and pretty...I haven’t even written in it yet!

A quote from the artist of Blue Toad:
I have been creating art for as long as I can remember, self taught, and find it to be my greatest outlet/escape from the daily stressors. I'm a strong supporter of affordable art and a sustainable outlook, for each of us to support each other and hold something that is as original as each of us. Hoping that each other's work can inspire and motivate to create and pass on to the next person.

Have you bought something from Etsy recently that you want to talk about? Let us know about it!

All photos Blue Toad

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